Until today you couldn't take control of your store's self-checkout.
Now it's simple, affordable and easy to implement.

Industry Proven
Industry Hardened

  • Hundereds of millions of transactions completed
  • Integrated to leading POS
  • Easily customizable, from reporting to screen graphics


Isn’t it time you took control of your self-checkout? This simple API puts you in charge, you make self-checkout fit your needs, not a POS company’s needs.

Even the world’s largest retailers today don’t control their own self-checkout, but that is changing. Until recently your self-checkout supplier dictated POS, hardware, lane design, reporting and more!

With our new self-checkout API, we put you in control, you make the decisions about what type of hardware you want to use, you decide what lane design and reporting you get. You even get to keep or change your POS, because this solution allows you to offer self-checkout with any POS solution, even your own!

Sound too good to be true, it’s not, give us a call today and see just how easy it is for you to take control of your self-checkout.

Self-checkout on your terms, fitting your needs!

  • Self-checkout that you control, you customize to your needs
  • You’ve never seen anything like this, because there has never been anything like this
  • Use your existing hardware
  • Works with your existing POS
  • Customize your reporting, and your screen display
  • It has never been this easy or inexpensive to update and offer self-checkout!
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